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We hope that the practicality of the new U Series will attract many more users who in addition to transportation still need something more. After the N and M series, the new U Series is more oriented towards everyday needs of users

The design of the new U series is reflected in finding a solution to make maximum use of a small but smart scooter in terms of transport of not only people but also cargo, and thus a small multipurpose vehicle intended for a large number of users came into existence


Despite the constant progress and a lot of modern innovation, many of us are still traditionalists with usual everyday needs

The original design is still the basic principle for the new series, but we have gone a step further with the U series. In accordance with the national standard and real, everyday needs, a vehicle has been designed that can be used both for transport and for delivery or purchase of everyday items


The U1 series looks traditional and simple due to the specific U-Frame specifically designed for the new U series

In order for the new series to keep the elegance and be strong enough at the same time to effortlessly bear 200k, it is necessary to use modern materials that are easy enough to preserve the economy and provide the necessary strength


According to current trends, we present you with 4 colors we think will fit in your everyday life. Since beauty is in the eye of the observer and not the observed object, we offer a simple and easy changing of plastic parts according to your mood as a solution for color choice. You can use several different colors for dynamic and unusual appearance



The new U series was initially designed to meet the needs of most users. Elegant timeless, it will attract both the youngest users and the older ones. Whether you are headed to school or to the market, the new U series will be up to the task. The variety of accessories can meet different needs


The new U series was created out of the need for: a small, simple, practical and inexpensive electric scooter that will be smart and eco-friendly on the one hand and give a lot of enjoyment in terms of driving and practicality on the other hand. Top quality, excellent performance, multi-use is what puts the U series among the first choices when it comes to the budget scooter


The new U Series is not only a small scooter that will take you almost for free from point A to point B. The U series is your new little assistant that will give you more than you could imagine